Quarter 4 | Week 4: Settled and Ready to Rock!

Welcome to the final quarter of our adventurous school year! We hope that everyone is finally settled into their new classes and having a blast! Our experiences in being resilient and learning to find their best ways of assimilating will be a very valuable skill for our kiddos, (and teachers and parents, too!). Here is what our 4th Week in Quarter 4 has in store!

Military Child Spirit Week and
Success Supplies Distribution for Mrs. Carreon and Mrs. Zavala’s Students!
Stay awesome!

VAPA Thursday, April 29th | Visual Arts with Mrs. Adamos- Materials:

We will be making robots out of recycled materials! Please make sure you have the following for Art:

Scissors, Glue, Paper Scraps, Foil, Gift Wrap Paper, and Miscellaneous Items such as: Buttons, Ribbons, Pom Poms, Foam Beads, Cereal Box, Magazines, Grocery Ads, Stickers, etc.

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