Q4 Week 3, 4/27-5/1

Here is Weekly Plan for Week 3:


  1. Complete the following Seesaw activities: a. Read Aloud, b. RAE Response and c. Phonics
  2. Read independently and/or with parent daily (20 min.)

Writing – Using the science links, write an informative paragraph about the Solar System. Be sure to include 4 facts with details. You may use your writing notebook pages to help. Take a picture when finished and upload onto Seesaw.


  1. Complete a math Seesaw math activity every day.
  2. Complete 2 lessons on iReady.
  3. Word Problem of the Week: A bike shop had a total of 70 bikes. 29 have baskets. How many do not have baskets? Take a picture of your answer and upload on Seesaw.

Science: Complete the 4 Seesaw assignments about the Solar System.


*Choose any activity from Bonus list sent by your teacher.

*Music with Ms. C: https://safeyoutube.net/w/hy28

*Art with Mrs. Adamos: https://wolfpackartistsblog.wordpress.com

*ArtHub Earth Day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pL8z6Penuvo


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