1st Grade Q3 Curriculum for Week 9, 3/9-3/13

Reading– Students are reading Benchmark Unit 8. For shared reading, the text, “The Wind and the Sun”, will be read and used for discussion to answer the question: What lesson did the characters teach us in “The Wind and the Sun”?

Grammar – We are continuing to work on editing by using special marks to rewrite our work the correct way.

Writing– Students will continue to review how to write an Informative Paragraph. There are a minimum of six sentences:

  1. Topic sentence: I know a lot about _________________.
  2. 4 Facts with details: Did you know _____________, One fact is ________________, According to the article/video ________________, Lastly ________________
  3. Conclusion: Now you know about ________________.

Math– We will begin a new chapter. In Chapter 8, students will practice how to add and subtract two-digit numbers such as 40 + 21 = ________.

Social Studies/Science– Students will introduced to Sound and Vibration. Some vocabulary words are communicate, sound, vibrate, volume, waves and bounce.

Essential question: How do vibrations create sound?

Art/Music– On Thursday


Dates to remember:

Th, 3/12-Th, 3/19 * Scholastic Book Fair.

Th, 3/12-Th, 3/19 * Parent-Teacher Conferences (Minimum Days)

M, 4/6 * School Resumes (Minimum Day)

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