Q3 Curriculum for Week 8, 3/2-3/6

Reading– Students are reading Benchmark Unit 8. For shared reading, the texts, “Night and Day”, will be read and used for discussion to answer the question: Why do we have 24 hours in a day?

Grammar – We are continuing to work on editing by using special marks to rewrite our work the correct way.

Writing– Students will be reviewing how to write an Informative Paragraph. The topic will be about Dr. Seuss. Students need to include at least 4 facts about Dr. Seuss.

Math– We will taking a practice test and test on Chapter 7-Comparing Numbers this week. Please review the symbols “< (less than), > (greater than), = (equal to).”

Social Studies/Science– Students will be introduced to a new science unit: Light and Sound. The two essential questions for light are: 1) What is light energy? And 2) How does light help us see?

Art/Music– On Thursday


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Dates to remember:

M, 3/2 * PJ with Favorite Book Day

Th, 3/5 * STEAM Night

Th, 3/12-Th, 3/19 * Scholastic Book Fair.

Th, 3/12-Th, 3/19 * Parent-Teacher Conferences

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