1st Grade Q3 Curriculum for Week 6, 2/18-2/21

Reading– Students are reading Benchmark Unit 7. For shared reading, the text, “Memorials and Historic Buildings”, will be read and used for discussion to answer the question: Why do memorials honor presidents?

Grammar – We are continuing to work on editing by using special marks to rewrite our work the correct way.

Writing– Students will be writing the 3 parts of a Narrative paragraph:

  • Bold Beginning: Write a bold beginning that tells where you were, who was with you, and what you did.
  • Mighty Middle: Tell what happened (the events) using 4 sentences. Be sure to include details so the reader can picture it in his or her head.
  • Exciting Ending: An exciting sentence that provides closure for the story. Example: I can’t wait to go to Disneyland again!

Math– A new chapter will be introduced this week: Chapter 7-Comparing Numbers. Vocabulary words such as “greater than” and “less than” will be used when talking about numbers on the 120 chart. Students will determine if the tens place or the ones place will help them decide which number is greater or less.

Example: 82 _____ 84

“The tens places are the same, so you would have to look at the ones. 4 ones is greater than 2 ones. Therefore 82 <84 or 82 is less than84.”

Social Studies/Science– Students are learning about the American Symbols. Please ask your child to share what they know about some of the U.S. symbols like the White House and Mount Rushmore.

Art and Music Will be on Wednesday on this week.


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Dates to remember:

M, 2/17* No School (President’s Day)

Tu, 2/25 * 120thDay of School

Th, 3/5 * STEAM Night

Th, 3/12-Th, 3/19 * Parent-Teacher Conferences

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