1st Grade Q3 Curriculum for Week 5, 2/10-2/13

Reading– Students are reading Benchmark Unit 7. For shared reading, the text, “Using Time Lines”, will be read and used for discussion to answer the question: How do timelines give details about events?

Grammar – We will continue to review editing skills. Students are learning to edit their own work by adding words, using the following symbol: ^.

Writing– Students will be taking an Opinion Writing Test based on their preference between two types of weather. They need to use reasons and link them with examples. Please have them practice transition words: Do you…, In my opinion…, I believe this because…, I also think this because…, For example…, Now you know why…

Math– The Chapter 6 test will be given on Wednesday. Ask your child any 120 number chart riddles.

Example: I am a number greater than 40, less than 52 and I have 3 ones. Who am I? (Answer: 43)

Social Studies/Science– Students will learn about American Symbols. Please ask your child to share what they know about some of the U.S. symbols (American flag and Bald Eagle)?

No Art and Music this week.


First Grade Team’s Amazon Donation Wish List


*New items have been added for STEM and 120 Days Activities*

Also, not included on the wish list, but each class needs a few Fruit Loops cereal boxes for an arts & crafts activity and conversation hearts candy for a science experiment. Thank you in advance!


Dates to remember:

Th, 2/13 * Valentines Day Card Exchange – If your child chooses to participate, please make a class set with only the name of your child on the cards. This helps facilitate passing the cards out faster. We are asking students to decorate and bring in their own valentine’s box by Feb. 13th. Also, a reminder to not bring any peanuts or food items due to the wellness policy.

Th, 2/13 * Jump Rope for Heart

F, 2/14 and M, 2/17* No School (President’s Day)

Th, 3/5 * STEAM Night

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