1st Grade Q3 Curriculum for Week 3, 1/27-1/31

Reading– Students are reading Benchmark Unit 6. For shared reading, the story, Why Mosquitos Buzz in People’s Ears, will be read and used for discussion to compare the similarities and differences from the previous week’s story.

Grammar – We will continue to review editing skills. Besides capitalization and punctuation, students must also double check spelling.

Writing– Students will be reviewing how to make an opinion paragraph based on the book, Hey Little Ant.It is important to state reasons with examples for readers to understand the author’s opinion.

Math– Chapter 6 will continue this week. Students will learn how to make tens and ones. Also, how to show numbers in different ways.

Here is an example for number #16.

  1. One ten and 6 ones
  2. 16 ones

Social Studies/Science– Students will learn about many important African American figures. This week will be about why Thurgood Marshall and Jackie Robinson are important to know.

No Art and Music this week.


First Grade Team’s Amazon Donation Wish List



Dates to remember:

M, 1/27 * Sports Day

Tu, 1/28 * Crazy Day

W, 1/29 * Neon Day

Mc Teacher’s Night

Th, 1/30 * Twin/Triplet Day

F, 1/31 * PJ Day

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