1st Grade Q3 Curriculum for Week 2, 1/21-1/24

Reading– Students are reading Benchmark Unit 6. For shared reading, the story, Why Turtle’s Shell is Cracked, will be read and used for discussion on retelling key ideas.

Grammar – We will be reviewing editing skills, particularly capitalization and punctuation. Example: the cat chased after the mouse àThe cat chased after the mouse.

Writing– Students will be taking an Informative Writing Test later this week.

Math– We are finishing up the unit about 3D Shapes. There is no test for this unit. Chapter 6 will be introduced, starting Wednesday. Students will learn to use place value to model, count, read and write numbers to 120.

Social Studies/Science– Students will be introduced to many important African American figures. This week will be about Rosa Parks, Thurgood Marshall, Jackie Robinson and Barack Obama.


First Grade Team’s Amazon Donation Wish List

We are need of some materials for new P.E. games and classroom this quarter. Please click on the following link if you would like to donate:


 We really appreciate it!


Dates to remember:

F, 1/24 * Spirit Day (Hawaiian Day)

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