1st Grade Q2 Curriculum for Week 10, 12/16-12/20

Homework– No homework packet, but please do the daily reading response sheet. It is due on Friday, December 20th. 

Reading – Students are using reading strategies to help us decode words. One strategy to remind your child of is: “use chunks or small words inside big words to figure out unknown words.” By chunking a word, good readers can use the parts they do know to help them figure out the parts they do not known. An example would be the word flat. A chunk word could be the ending at.

Grammar – We will be reviewing grammar rules learned during quarter 2.

Writing – Students may continue Informative writing on candy canes and may start on creative writing on holidays.

Math – We are taking the Chapter 12 Math Test this Monday. The following concepts in Chapter 12:

  • Partition circles and rectangles into two and four equal shares
  • Describe equal shares using words “halves, fourths, and/or quarters”
  • Compose two-dimensional shapes to create a composite shape
  • Identify attributes (straight/curved lines, number of sides, number of vertices/corners) of different shapes

Social Studies/Science – Students will continue to learn about Holidays around the world. The Holiday Craft Day will take place on Wednesday morning, December 18th.

Reminders – Please turn in the permission slip for the end of the quarter holiday party. Also, please contact your child’s teacher to let them know what you plan to donate for Holiday Craft Day on Wednesday, December 18th or for the Gingerbread STEM project and the Holiday Movie/Popcorn party on Friday, December 20th.

Requesting any of the following donations for the Holiday Craft Day:

-White cardstock (125)

            -Scrapbook paper

            -Washable Liquid Glue       

            -Pinata candy

Requesting any of the following donations for the Gingerbread STEM project:

-Pre-popped popcorn (25)

-25 juice boxes

-3 boxes of graham crackers

-Holiday plates (appetizer size)

-1 package of small gingerbread house decorations (i.e. Skittles, red licorice, mini              marshmallows, candy canes, plain M&Ms, mini pretzels, gum drops, chocolate                    chips, red hots)


Dates to remember:

M, 12/16-W, 12/18 * PTA Holiday Shop at MPR

W, 12/18 * Holiday Craft Day

F, 12/20 * Holiday Movie and Popcorn Party

F, 12/20 * Spirit Day – Disney Day

M, 12/23-M, 1/13 * Winter Break

T, 1/14 * School Resumes (Minimum Day)

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