1st Grade Q2 Curriculum for Week 8, 12/2-12/6

Reading – Students are using comprehension strategies to help us understand what we are reading. One strategy is summarize. To summarize, a reader can tell what is happening on one page or they can summarize the important events in a story. Use the following words to help: First, Next, After that, At the end.

Grammar – We are learning about subject/verb agreement.

For most verbs, add “s” when the subject is singular. An example is “The teacher reads many books.”

When the subject is plural, do NOT add “s” to the verb. An example is “All teachers grade papers.”

Writing – Students will reviewing Narrative and Opinion writing types. A narrative paragraph includes a topic, transitions and facts with details about the author’s experience. An opinion paragraph includes a topic, transitions and facts with details about the author’s opinion.

Math – We will start a new Chapter 12: How to sort, describe and combine two-dimensional shapes.

Social Studies/Science – Students will learn about Holidays around the world. This week we are learning about Mexico, Israel, United States and Canada. Ask your child to tell you about a tradition from one of these countries.


Donations – First grade teachers are in need of white cardstock. Any donations would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


Dates to remember:

M, 11/4 – W, 12/4 * Toy Drive

(New Toys can be dropped off at the office)

W, 12/4 * Walking Field Trip to Olympian High School

F, 12/6 * Grade 1 Red Carpet Awards Assembly

F, 12/6 * PTA Bingo Night at the MPR

Tu, 12/10 * Panda Express Restaurant Night

Th, 12/12 * PTA Holiday Shop Set Up from 8AM-4PM

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