1st Grade Q2 Curriculum for Week 7, 11/18-11/22

Reading – Students are using reading strategies to help us decode words. One strategy to remind your child of is: “move your eyes ahead of the word your mouth is reading.” This way they are ready for the next word.

Grammar – We are learning about commas in a series.

WritingAn explanatory writing test will be administered on Tuesday and Wednesday. Practice at home using the topic – how to ride a bike. Use these sentence frames to help:

Title: _________________

Do you know how to _____________________?

First, __________________________________.

Next, __________________________________.

Then, __________________________________.

Finally, ________________________________.

Now you are an expert on __________________.

Math – We are reviewing the following concepts in Chapter 5:

  • Solve addition and subtraction problem situations using the strategy make a model.
  • Record related facts within 20.
  • Identify related addition and subtraction facts within 20.
  • Apply the inverse relationship of addition and subtraction.
  • Use related facts to determine unknown numbers.
  • Use a related fact to subtract.
  • Choose an operation and strategy to solve an addition or subtraction word problem.
  • Represent equivalent forms of numbers using sums and difference within 20.
  • Determine if an equation is true or false.

Chapter 5 Math Test will be this Thursday.

Social Studies/Science – Students will continue to learn about the topic: Pilgrims and Native Americans

Essential Question: Who were the Pilgrims and Native Americans and why were they important?


Donations – First grade teachers are in need of white cardstock. Any donations would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


Dates to remember:

M, 11/4 – W, 12/4 * Toy Drive

(New Toys can be dropped off at the office)

M, 11/4 – W, 11/20 * Canned Food Drive

(Canned/boxed food can be collected in the classrooms)

Tu, 11/19 * PTA General Meeting 6:00 PM

Th, 11/20 * Restaurant Night FUNraiser (Blaze Pizza at Otay Ranch)

M, 11/25 – F, 11/29 * Thanksgiving Break

W, 11//4 * Walking Field Trip to Olympian High School



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