Q2 Curriculum for Week 5, 11/4-11/8

Reading – We are using reading strategies to help us decode words. One strategy to remind your child is” “Flip the vowel sound.” For example, if the word that they are struggling with has a long vowel sound such as “huge”… instead of sounding it out /h/ /short u/ /g/ /e/, remind them to “flip the vowel.” This means to change it from a short sound to a long sound.

Grammar – We are learning about conjunctions. Have your child identify conjunctions as they are reading a book. Example: The cat ate dinner and then fell asleep. The word “and” is a conjunction because it joins the two phrases to make a sentence.

Writing –They will be observing how slime is made and learning how to write an Explanatory Writing paragraph.

The parts of the paragraph include the following:

  1. Topic sentence
  2. 4 Steps with sequence words
  3. Conclusion

Math – We will be taking the Chapter 4 on Tuesday. Monday will be a review of all subtraction strategies that were learned.

Social Studies/Science – Topic: Our Changing World – Families Long Ago & Today.

Essential Question: How do families grow and change over time?


Dates to remember:

M, 11/4 – W, 12/4 * Toy Drive

(New Toys can be dropped off at the office)

M, 11/4 – W, 11/20 * Canned Food Drive

(Canned/boxed food can be collected in the classrooms)

F, 11/8 * Military Pride Day  – Come and eat with your child!

M, 11/11 * Veterans Day – No school

Tu, 11/19 * PTA General Meeting 6:00 PM

Th, 11/20 * Restaurant Night FUNraiser (Blaze Pizza at Otay Ranch)

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