1st Grade Q2 Curriculum for Week 4, 10/28-11/1

Reading – We use reading strategies when reading words on a page of a book. Once strategy to remind your child of is “Get your mouth ready for the first sound.” For example the word is… Monkey. Your child should say “Mmm..” This helps them to focus on reading left to right, and letter-by-letter.

Grammar – We are learning about possessive nouns. Have your child identify possessive nouns as they are reading a book. Example: The boy petted the cat’s fur. Here the word “cat’s” is a possessive noun. This lets you know that the noun “fur” belongs to the cat.

Writing –They will be taking a writing test on Informative Writing later this week. Practice by having them write with these frames.

I know a lot about __________________________.

Did you know _______________________________.

One fact is __________________________________.

According to the video/article _______________.

Additionally, ________________________________.

Now you know all about ____________________.

Math – We will continue to learn about Chapter 4 – subtraction strategies. One strategy is to use addition to subtract. Another is use ten to subtract.

Social Studies/Science – Students will be learning about Bats. Ask them to tell you four fun facts about bats.

Art/Music – Thursday, October 31st


Dates to remember:

Th, 10/31 * Halloween – No party, no costumes

Sat, 11/2 * Masquerade Festival

M, 11/11 * Veterans Day – No school

Tu, 11/19 * PTA General Meeting 6:00 PM

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