1st Grade Q2 Curriculum for Week 3, 10/21-10/25

Reading – We are learning about Nonfiction texts and this month we are reading many books by Gail Gibbons. Can your child find the main idea and facts in a nonfiction text?

Grammar – We are learning about plural nouns. Have your child identify plural nouns as they are reading a book. Example: The girl caught lots of flies. The boy played with many toys.

Writing – Students will continue to practice Informative Writing. Informative writing is when you want to teach someone facts about a topic. Sing the song.

Informative Writing has a title,

A topic sentence and lots of facts.

Don’t forget the conclusion,

Informative writing is full of facts.

Use some of the transitions before writing facts on a topic – Did you know, One fact is, According to the article/video, Surprisingly…

Math – We are starting a new chapter. Chapter 4 is about subtraction strategies. One strategy is counting backwards to find the answer. Use a number line to help. Practice counting backwards and forwards. A reminder that it does not always start at one.

Social Studies/Science – Students will be introduced and learn about spiders. Ask them to tell you four facts about spiders.


Requesting donations classroom projects:

A reminder that we will be painting medium sized pumpkins during the last week of October. The size of the pumpkin should be no taller than a water bottle. Please donate a pumpkin for your child by Friday, October 25th. Any donations of extra pumpkins is also very much appreciated. Thank you!


Dates to remember:

Tu, 10/22 * Souplantation Restaurant Fundraiser

M-F, 10/21-10/25 * Red Ribbon Week

Monday: Wear Black and White

Tuesday: Twin Day

Wednesday: Enchanted Day

Thursday: Wolf Day

Friday: Wear Red

Th, 10/24 * Make Up Picture Day

F, 10/25 * Law Enforcement Day

Sat, 11/2 * Masquerade Festival

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