Q2 Curriculum for Week 1, 10/08-10/11

Welcome back Timberwolves families! We are so excited to start the quarter and learn about what our little timberwolves have been up to during the break. Here is the curriculum and news for the week. 

Reading – Students will be introduced to books written by Gail Gibbons. Gibbons is known for writing non-fiction books. We will be using these books as a window for students to recognize facts and writing structure.

Grammar – We are learning about prepositions. Have your child identify prepositions as they are reading a book. Example: She put the cookies inside the oven.

Writing – Students will be introduced to informative writing – full of facts!

Math – We will continue to work on Chapter 3: Addition Strategies. One strategy to focus on is making a ten from Khan Academy.

Social Studies – Students will be learning about Unit 2 Geography.

Requesting donations for P.E. and classroom projects:

The first grade team would like to incorporate a new P.E. activity involving nylon frisbee for students to practice teamwork and hand eye coordination. We have a few to start the quarter, but are hoping to have more! These frisbees are soft and can be viewed through Amazon.

We will be doing a fall engineering project towards the end of the month involving pumpkins! We are in need of lots of rubber bands and tongue depressors. Please bring any donations to your classroom teacher by Friday, October 25th.

Also, all classes are looking for any more donations of brightly colored paper and white cardstock as well. Any donations would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!


Dates to remember:

M, 10/7 * Fall Break, NO SCHOOL

Tu, 10/8 * School Resumes (Regular Day)

W, 10/16 * Picture Day

Sat, 10/19 * Parent Academy at Vista Square Elementary

Sat, 11/2 * Masquerade Festival

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