1st Grade Curriculum for Week 8, 9/9-9/13

Reading – Students will continue learn and read books by Laura Numeroff.

Grammar – We are learning about proper nouns. Have your child identify proper nouns as they are reading a book. Example: My family and I will go to Legoland on Friday.

Writing – Students are writing about: What was the best part of the zoo field trip? Opinion writing needs to have good reasons linked with examples/details. Here are some transitions to practice stating and linking the reasons and examples/details:

Reason 1: I believe this because __________. Example 1: For example, ____________.

Reason 2: I also think this because ________. Example 2: For example, ____________.

Math – We will continue to work on Chapter 3: Addition Strategies. Some strategies are 1) Add in any order, 2) Count On, 3) Add Doubles, and 4) Doubles plus or minus 1.


Parent-Teacher Conferences:

Conferences will begin this Thursday, September 12th. Please make sure to arrive early so you may have some time to write a few academic goals for your child that you wish to discuss during the conference.

Dates to remember:

Th, 9/12 * Apex Fun Run Day (Minimum Day)

F, 9/13 * Popsicle Friday

Th, 9/12-F, 9/20 * Parent Teacher Conferences (Minimum Days)

M, 9/16-F, 9/20 * Book Fair

Th, 9/19 * Jersey Mike’s Subs Fundraiser

M, 9/23-M 10/7 * Fall Break

Tu, 10/8 * School Resumes (Regular Day)




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