1st Grade Curriculum for Week 6, 8/26-8/30

Reading – Students have started to meet with their teachers for Guided Groups. Some of the texts that we are reading are about “How to follow rules and laws”.

Grammar – We are learning about adjectives and adverbs. An adjectives are descriptive words that help describe a noun and pronouns. Have your child identify an adjective in their nightly reading. I saw a beautiful, red rose in the garden.

Writing – Students took their Narrative Writing test and are starting Opinion Writing about the most important school rule. Opinion Writing has a hook, opinion statement, 2 reasons which are linked to examples and a conclusion.

Math – Students will soon begin reviewing Chapter 2: Subtraction Concepts. The Chapter 2 test will be administer this Friday, August, 30th.

Science: The unit about the similarities and differences of nature will continue this week.

I CAN statement: I can explain how young plants and animals are alike, but not exactly like their parents.


Movie Night & Campout announcement:

Many glow sticks were sold during the event. A BIG THANK YOU to the following parents for volunteering their time in making this fundraiser a great success: Dawn Popovich (Dyson’s mother), Ellen Oh (Woomin’s mother), and Jina Ryu (Jaei’s mother)!


Raffle for parent field trip volunteers: 

Field trip permission slips are due by Wednesday. Parent volunteers will be drawn from a raffle and will be notified on Friday.

Dates to remember:

F, 8/30 * Popsicle Friday

M, 9/2 * No School

W, 9/4 * First Quarter Field Trip – San Diego Zoo

T, 9/12-T, 9/20 * Parent Teacher Conferences, Minimum Days

M, 9/23-M 10/7 * Fall Break

T, 10/8 * School Resumes, Regular Day

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