1st Grade Curriculum for Week 5, 8/19-8/23:

New Dismissal Procedure:

Effective Monday, students will be dismissed from our classroom at the end of the day, and not from the auditorium. We apologize for yet another change, but we feel it is the safest and easiest for students, parents and teachers. Please let anyone who may be picking up your child know of these changes effective immediately. Bus riders, YMCA/DASH and Kids On The Go attendees will be walked to their locations by Ms. Mazeau, another first grade teacher. Those who attend after school classes/activities (i.e. dodgeball, basketball, art, etc.) will also be picked up from our classroom by their coach/teacher. Please continue to let me know in advance of any changes in after school care. Thank you for your flexibility and understanding as we continue to adjust to the increase in student population this year.

What are we learning this week?

Reading– We are continuing an author’s study of Eric Carle. While reading his books, we are working on identifying story elements and sequencing. Try having your child retell a story – focus only on four to five important events. Use words like: In the beginning, First, Next, Then and At the end __________. Identify the main problem and solution in a text. Students will emulate his writing style when making their own books.

Grammar – Students are learning the difference between linking and action verbs. Action verbs are: run, jump, sing, play, and sleep. Helping verbs are: am, is, and are.

Writing– A writing test on narrative will be given in a span of 2-3 days this week.

Have your child sing this song to help remember the parts of a Narrative. It is to the tune of The Battle Hymn Republic:

I can write a Narrative a story about me,

Bold beginning, mighty middle, exciting ending I’ll write all three.

Write events with transitions and tell who was there with me.

An awesome author I will be!

Personal Narrative, Personal Narrative, Personal Narrative… A story about ME!

Math– Students will continue to work Chapter 2 using new subtraction strategies. One of them is compare: https://youtu.be/osIFa9zcI-w

Science:A new unit about the similarities and differences of nature will begin this week.

I CAN statement:I can explain how young plants and animals are alike, but not exactly like their parents.

Art/Music– Next Thursday, August 22nd.

Fundraiser announcement:

Movie Night & Campout will be on Friday, August 23rd. Please let us know if you will be attending, and would like to volunteer by selling glow sticks during the event.All proceeds earned during our fundraisers will go to our fourth quarter field trip! We really appreciate all that you do!

**Also, please be on the lookout for parent conference sign ups

from your teacher later this week**


Dates to remember:

T, 8/20 * 4:00-8:00pm – Panera Restaurant Night

F, 8/23 * Starts at 5:00pm – Movie Night & Campout

S, 8/24 * Checkout by 11:00am – Campout Breakfast

F, 8/30 * Popsicle Friday

M, 9/2 * No School

W, 9/4 * First Quarter Field Trip – San Diego Zoo

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