1st Grade Curriculum for Week 4, 8/12-8/16

Reading–We are starting a new author’s study of Eric Carle. While reading his books, we are working on identifying story elements and sequencing. Students will emulate his writing style when making their own books.

Grammar – Students will identify and use different types of nouns (common and proper).

Writing– We are working on the 3 parts of a narrative writing piece: beginning, middle, and end. Students will also revise and edit their writing once completed.

Prompt: Tell about what you do after school.

Math– A new chapter will begin. Chapter 2 involves subtraction concepts within 10. Here is a video from Khan Academy that reviews addition and introduces subtraction within 10: https://www.khanacademy.org/math/early-math/cc-early-math-add-sub-basics/cc-early-math-together-apart/v/addition-and-subtraction-within-10

Social Studies: First graders will continue to work on the Responsible Citizenship unit. This week, students will learn about how laws help communities, and how community leaders help people.

Curriculum Night, K-3:

Curriculum Night is THIS MONDAY (8/12)


6:00-6:30 Meet in the Auditorium

6:30-7:00 Classroom Visit (Session 1)

7:00-7:30 Classroom Visit (Session 2)

There are two sessions in case you are unable to make one of the times or have a couple of classrooms to visit.

Fundraiser announcement:

The first grade team would like to thank you for all the donations of glow sticks given this past week to sell during Movie Night & Campout. Movie Night & Campout will be on Friday, August 23rd. Please let us know if you will be attending, and would like to volunteer by selling glow sticks during the event.

We really appreciate all that you do!


Dates to remember:

T, 8/13 * 6:00pm – PTA General Meeting, Multi-Purpose Room

F, 8/16 * Popsicle Friday

T, 8/20 * 4:00-8:00pm – Panera Restaurant Night

F, 8/23 * Starts at 5:00pm – Movie Night & Campout

S, 8/24 * Checkout by 11:00am – Campout Breakfast

F, 8/30 * Popsicle Friday

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